Reflexology for atopic dermatitis in children

In the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis, an important role is played by neurovegetative disorders, which manifest themselves in a violation of autonomic regulation ( vagotonia ), dysfunction of the diencephalic structures of the brain, and intracranial hypertension. ECHO – EG in 50% of children revealed signs of intracranial hypertension of varying severity. According to the EEG results, 60% of children show signs of dysfunction of the stem-diencephalic parts of the brain according to the type of irritation. A change in the tone of the autonomic nervous system contributes to the appearance of itching, often accompanied by sleep disturbance, irritability, which further aggravates the course of the disease.

Reflexology, the action of which is associated primarily with a reflex effect on the central and autonomic nervous system, allows you to influence the main pathogenetic links of the disease: the impaired functional state of the nervous system and autonomic regulation.

Examination of the nervous system and treatment of 102 children with atopic dermatitis by the method of reflexology were carried out. The main group (72 children), against the background of drug treatment, underwent daily reflexotherapy according to the method developed by us: in the form of superficial acupuncture (roller), warming ( tszyu ), acupuncture, auriculotherapy . For the first time in infants, atopic dermatitis reflexology was applied, which was carried out using non-invasive techniques.

The introduction of reflexology in the complex treatment of children with atopic dermatitis made it possible to reduce the treatment time by almost 2 times, and the absence of side effects and good tolerability of the technique made it possible to start treatment from the age of one month. The use of reflexology also allows you to reduce the dosage of drugs and reduce the time of their use.

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