Recommendations in the treatment of eczema

Instructions for use of the ointment

  • Before applying the ointment, bathe and dry the body for 20 minutes.
  • Apply the ointment to the affected areas so that only a shiny trace remains. In the morning, you can only wash your hands and wash your face without soap.
  • The ointment is designed for a day, therefore, the treatment for eczema consists in lubricating the affected areas once a day.
  • The affected areas up to 2 cm in diameter should be completely smeared.

To smear large areas with stripes:

  • a narrow strip as wide as a finger is smeared;
  • a wide strip two fingers wide is left without ointment, etc.

Change the direction of the lanes every day.
Apply the ointment until all areas affected by eczema, fresh rashes, age spots are equal to healthy skin. Diet with restriction of spicy foods, white poultry meat, chocolate, citrus fruits, eggs, alcohol.

  • FORBIDDEN : fizzy drinks (beer, champagne, coca-cola, etc.).
  • IT IS FORBIDDEN: in the summer to be under the direct rays of the sun, in the winter to use ultraviolet irradiation.

Store the ointment in the refrigerator where vegetables are stored.

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