How to reduce psoriasis itching and achieve remission faster

Itchy psoriasis is one of the most annoying symptoms. It is exhausting and reduces the quality of life. If the cosmetic manifestations of the disease can be hidden by clothing, then you cannot hide from the itching. It becomes a consequence of excessively rapid division of epithelial cells, their keratinization. The cells are layered on top of each other, causing inflammation, dryness and itching. Sometimes it can be perceived as a slight tingling sensation, but sometimes it leads to the desire to scratch the skin until it bleeds.  

Medicinal methods to combat itching

Since rashes in psoriasis are foci of chronic inflammation, topical preparations should be used to relieve itching. During an exacerbation, the doctor prescribes an ointment. There are non-hormonal ointments for psoriasis according to V.F. Maca that are not addictive. The ointment relieves itching well and relieves the patient’s condition. Her recipe is based on medicinal herbs, so it does not harm the body and does not interfere with taking other drugs if necessary.  

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There are no specific pills for itching in psoriasis; antihistamines are prescribed, which suppress allergic reactions of inflammation in the body. Antihistamine tablets work well when paired with topical agents. The doctor should prescribe treatment, based on the degree of skin lesions and the general condition of the patient. Some doctors offer patients local hormonal agents, glucocorticosteroids, but there are already more modern, safe non-hormonal ointments that do not have a systemic effect on the body.

How else to relieve itching with psoriasis

Physiotherapy can alleviate the condition. But it is important to discuss their use with a dermatologist, because some of them in the stage of exacerbation of psoriasis can only increase the intensity of the rash. 

The patient needs to adhere to a diet, avoid allergenic foods, for example, citrus fruits, as well as spicy, highly salty, smoked foods. But fermented milk products will have a beneficial effect on the condition.

A comfortable room temperature, loose clothing made from natural fabrics, no rough seams on linen, water treatments and moisturizing will help to quickly relieve exacerbation and reduce itching. So that the skin does not dry out, new keratinized crusts do not form, mild hypoallergenic agents are used.

Psoriasis treatment requires an integrated approach. Itching is evidence that the disease has intensified and is in an exacerbation stage. To alleviate the condition, relieve itching in psoriasis, use ointments and antihistamines prescribed by your doctor. Protect the skin from any mechanical stress, moisturize it, stick to a diet, and then remission in psoriasis will come faster.   

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