How to get rid of subcutaneous acne

Do you think that closed comedones , or subcutaneous acne, are just a small cosmetic problem? It would seem that they are just small painless bumps on the skin … In fact, these bumps are a signal that there is an inflammatory process in the body that was caused by pathogens. You can get rid of white subcutaneous acne only with the help of an integrated approach to acne treatment. But first, let’s take a closer look at what subcutaneous acne is.

Causes of subcutaneous acne

A white subcutaneous pimple is a consequence of blockage of the sebaceous gland, and blockage occurs when the sebaceous gland cannot get rid of the secret that it produces. Due to blockage of the sebaceous hair follicle, opportunistic bacteria begin to actively multiply, which damage the cells of the sebaceous gland and cause the body’s response – inflammation.

Closed comedones can appear on the chin, forehead, cheeks, at first they are small white seals. In this case, the skin relief becomes somewhat uneven, however, as a rule, this is practically not visible in the photo. But it is important to remember that in case of tissue damage, the focus of inflammation can become active, and almost imperceptible seals will look like red bumps.

Where do closed comedones appear ?

Subcutaneous acne most often appears on those areas of the skin where the sebaceous glands are most active – on the face, namely on the forehead, cheeks, chin. However, the most unpleasant thing is the appearance of closed comedones on the nose. Here, the pores are located close to the surface of the skin, they are easily clogged and often become inflamed if you try to do the cleansing procedure yourself.

Is it possible to remove a subcutaneous pimple with mechanical cleaning?

When trying to squeeze out a closed comedone , regardless of its location (near the lip, on the forehead or cheek), the situation may worsen. The thickness of the upper layer of the skin will not allow pus to come to the surface, on the contrary, under pressure, the contents of the pimple will penetrate into the surrounding tissues and provoke inflammation in them. Mechanical damage to the skin of the face near the pimple can also increase the area of redness, and it will take longer for the inflamed area to heal.

In the process of trying to independently remove subcutaneous acne using folk methods, cauterization, scrubs, you can seriously injure the skin and provoke the appearance of post- acne red spots . Such actions will not only not help get rid of the problem, but will also aggravate it, significantly increasing the treatment time.

How to treat closed comedones

As a rule, in the treatment of subcutaneous acne, specialists prescribe adapalene preparations to normalize the processes of removing sebum to the surface of the skin, and when inflammation occurs, they often recommend spot application of local antibacterial drugs, for example, Zerkalin ® solution.

Treatment of comedones takes quite a long time, and the effect of the use of drugs based on adapalene may be delayed and appear after about 4-6 weeks. In this regard, doctors often recommend combined treatment regimens for subcutaneous acne. For example, in the morning – a solution of clindamycin , in the evening – a preparation of adapalene or benzoyl peroxide. In difficult cases, in addition to local remedies, a doctor may prescribe systemic therapy (tablets, capsules).

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