How to get rid of acne marks

Tackling acne is only half the path to healing your skin. After the pustules and inflammations have passed, it will be necessary to restore the integrity and aesthetics of the skin. Often, scars, red spots and enlarged pores left at the site of acne give a person a lot of trouble. And it’s not just about beauty. Injured ducts of the sebaceous and sweat glands become prone to blockage, which leads to relapses and the formation of deep subcutaneous cysts, and enlarged pores more easily pass pathogens and dirt into the dermis.

There are many ways to fight acne , from gentle to quite radical. This article will list all the possible methods: from the simplest, applicable at home, to complex multiple salon procedures performed by a qualified cosmetologist.

Scar ointments

The fibrous tissue that makes up the scars becomes denser over time and penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. At the same time, the epidermis is restored, which makes the acne mark invisible from the outside, but significant for the general condition of the skin from the inside. At the site of tissue scarring, blood flow and lymph flow are disrupted, cells do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients, the skin loses its tone and becomes thinner and aging faster. If acne is difficult, deep contractures can disrupt facial expressions, create stagnant edema and literally change a person’s appearance.

To avoid this process, detrimental to beauty and health, you should not let the healing of scars take their course. The first assistants in the fight against post-acne are pharmaceutical ointments and gels aimed at tissue regeneration.

Heparin ointment

This inexpensive, affordable product contains ingredients that soften the skin, heal, reduce pain and swelling. The main active ingredient, sodium heparin, relieves inflammation, reduces the formation of blood clots, and has a resorbing effect on hematomas and scars. To eliminate acne marks, it should be applied in a thin layer up to three times a day for a week.


The light gel is quickly absorbed into the skin and helps to cope with bruising and redness at the site of healing acne, reduce swelling and stop the process of tissue fibrosis. At the same time, troxerutin helps to strengthen and restore the walls of blood vessels, which reduces the risk of malnutrition of skin cells.


The gel contains heparin, allantoin and onion extract. This is a powerful tool that, when used systemically, can even cope with deep and massive scars and contractures. The remedy is especially effective in combination with physiotherapy: steam baths, massages, electrophoresis and magnetotherapy.

Badyagi-based ointments

Dry ground powder of freshwater spongilla sponge in combination with antiseptic and emollient components has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and lymph flow in the dermis, accelerates healing, saturates cells with oxygen, minerals and vitamins.


The skin is a very flexible organ. The tissues of the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat can be easily regenerated, provided that the cells are adequately supplied with oxygen. To activate the regeneration process, there are many physiotherapeutic procedures, devices and tools.


Perhaps the most beneficial effect on softening fibrous tissue and restoring skin tone and nutrition is massage. You can do it with your hands or with special devices. The leaders of the global cosmetic industry – Japan and Korea – have been particularly successful in manual tissue stimulation techniques. Silicone vacuum jars, gua-sha scrapers , as well as special roller massagers and natural silk brushes are used to take care of the youth and beauty of the face .

The main principle of the massage is a delicate effect on the skin and underlying muscles and ligaments in order to improve blood circulation, stretch muscle fascia and eliminate lymphatic edema. The movements of the hands or devices follow the massage lines – along the location of the main muscles of the face.

Important! Massage is contraindicated in the acute inflammatory period and if the patient has rosacea . 


Athletes and cosmetologists have long used electromagnets to prevent excessive scarring and tissue fibrosis. For the face, there are portable medical devices that are easy to use at home.

Aesthetic taping

Tape is an elastic tape with an acrylic adhesive backing. It has long been used by sports physicians to relieve pain, swelling and hematomas in athletes. Recently, kinesio taping has become popular for rejuvenation, restoration of healthy facial muscle tone and work with trophic processes in the skin. The tape is applied without tension to the problem area in the direction of the underlying muscles. Thanks to light pressure on the tissues and the restoration of mobility and tone in the skin, blood circulation and lymph flow are improved, cells get rid of metabolites, breathe easier and are supplied with moisture, which leads to their division and, as a result, faster healing of acne marks. 

Home remedies

All skin care methods are good when used systematically and with common sense. At home, you can make revitalizing masks, compresses and ice cubes for washing with herbal decoctions that have a beneficial effect on the skin and fight scars and hematomas.

The most popular herbal remedies for acne are: aloe, turmeric, cucumber juice , tea tree oil and natural citrus essential oils. They can be added to masks based on oat flour, cream, honey; make compresses from decoctions; freeze and wipe your face twice a day.

Salon procedures

Often, a person suffering from acne and its consequences may need the help of a qualified specialist. A dermatologist cosmetologist can offer one of the course procedures aimed at skin renewal and restoration of its health.


In fact, we are talking about the removal of the upper layer of the epidermis and further care, allowing you to smooth the surface of the face and get rid of scars and enlarged pores. In cosmetology, fruit acids, enzymes, organic acids and fine abrasive paste are used for this . After the procedure, the top layer of the skin begins to peel off and flake off. At this time, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the use of decorative and aggressive care cosmetics are prohibited . Instead of dead cells, new ones grow, the skin structure is leveled, and acne marks become less noticeable. Depending on the degree of skin damage, the number and frequency of peelings required until complete aesthetic recovery are calculated.

Laser resurfacing

This is a painful and rather radical method of renewing the epidermis. The top layer of the skin is burned and cut off with a thin laser beam. Then, under the supervision of a specialist and with the use of medical cosmetics, the wound surface heals completely, and the scars disappear.

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