Cleansing program

 The composition of the “Cleansing program” :“Biofiber” – 1 pc. Herbal tea “Atlant plus” – 1 pc. “Indol asset” – 1 pc. “Hepatocholan plus” – 1 pc. 
Cleansing of the digestive tract and liver, proper bowel function, reduction of allergy symptoms, stable weight
 Biofiber is a source of 7 types of fiber, 2 types of beneficial bacteria and 3 detox plants of Ayurveda. Gently cleanses the intestines, liver and lymph. Restores the correct microflora. Accelerates the intestinal function, relieves constipation. 
 “Atlant Plus” enhances intestinal motility, accelerating its release, eliminates spasms, bloating, improves bile outflow, promotes excretion of excess fluid, has an enveloping, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, bactericidal effect. 
 “Indol active” cleanses liver cells from toxins and toxins. Facilitates liver function. Reduces toxic load on the body. Reduces the symptoms of allergic diseases. 
 “Hepatocholan plus” improves the outflow of bile. Cleans the biliary system. Blocks the formation of gallstones. 


  • slagging of the body;
  • disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract – chronic constipation, dysbiosis;
  • disturbances in the functioning of the liver and biliary tract – cholelithiasis (if the size of the stones does not exceed 1.0-1.2 cm), cholecystitis, hepatitis;
  • overweight;
  • allergic diseases – atopic dermatitis, eczema, allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma;
  • “Chronic fatigue syndrome”;
  • inflammatory processes of the stomach, intestines – gastritis, gastroduodenitis, enterocolitis;
  • prevention of oncological processes;
  • intoxication of the body against the background of poisoning – food, alcoholic, industrial.

Result: The Cleansing Program provides a holistic cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract. This promotes the rejuvenation of the body, eliminates slagging, restores the correct mode of bowel emptying, relieves of extra pounds and eliminates allergic manifestations. 

Mode of application:

From 1 to 30 days:

In the morning: scoop of Biofiber 1-2 hours before meals, 1-2 capsules of Indola Active during meals;     

In the afternoon: 2 capsules “Hepatocholan plus” with meals;   

In the evening: 1-2 bags of Atlant Plus herbal tea after meals.   

It is recommended to repeat the “cleansing program” as needed 2-3 times a year.

Cleansing the body

You can talk for a long time about the correctness of nutrition and the need for daily consumption of vegetables and fruits. But where to get this “healthy organic food”?

TV spots and newspaper headlines are full of information about harmful substances in food. And unfortunately it’s true!

Together with regular food, we eat every day:

  • flavor enhancers
  • preservatives
  • dyes
  • flavorings
  • nitrates
  • nitrites
  • pesticides
  • heavy metal salts
  • pesticide
  • etc.

If you go to an ordinary small store, then it is generally difficult to find normal healthy food there – it is simply not brought there. Only in large hypermarkets can you, if you try hard, find at least something useful.

It turns out that an ordinary person cannot eat anything at all? What is the way out?

And there is only one way out: to conduct regular courses of cleansing the body , which, in the first place. involves cleansing the intestines and liver. 

In recent years, more and more people come to the conclusion that periodic cleansing of the body is not a tribute to fashion, but a vital necessity.

If even 5-10 years ago, doctors were hostile to the statement “treatment should start with cleansing the body,” now their opinion has begun to change. 

Leading scientists began to research traditional methods of cleansing the intestines and liver and identify the most effective and safe. Therefore, you and I will not lag behind, but we will try to understand this issue and find an acceptable way to cleanse the body.

Methods (ways) of cleansing the body at home

Let’s take a look at the most commonly used methods of cleansing the body. The disadvantages of each of the methods are highlighted separately.


Method nameDescriptiondisadvantages
Various enemasHerbal decoctions, salted water, etc. solutions are injected into the rectum, artificially restrained there for a while, then the intestines are emptied.inconvenience of the procedure itselfsearch for a place and time forit is advisable to be at home after the procedure, otherwise the intestines may failnot all parasites are removed. since they have hooksintestinal microflora is washed out – dysbiosis occursthe liver is not cleared
Colon hydrotherapyWater (12-15 liters) is gradually introduced into the intestine under slight pressure, which gradually flushes out all the contents from the intestine. The duration of the procedure is 40-50 minutes.the procedure is usually carried out in clinics or sanatoriumsexacerbation of gastrointestinal diseasesnot all parasites are removed. they have hooksintestinal microflora is washed out – dysbiosis occursthe liver is not cleared
Rice dietFor two weeks, rice cooked without salt is taken. In this case, rice acts as a sorbent – it absorbs and removes various toxins, heavy metal salts, etc. from the body.difficult to maintain such a dietrice removes all types of salts, including those needed by the body (for example, potassium salts)does not affect parasites
Lemon juice with vegetable oilIt is used to cleanse the liver. It is taken orally, usually at night, a heating pad is applied to the right precostal area.if there are stones in the gallbladder, there is a high probability of moving them, a blockage of the ducts will occur and you will find yourself on the operating table of the surgeonif there are parasites, then during evacuation they can also block the bile ductsmainly the liver is cleaned, the intestines are not
Taking various laxativesUsually, decoctions of herbs are taken: senna (cassia holly), buckthorn, elderberry, can get persistent bowel disorderaddiction occurs, i.e. the intestines refuse to work without laxativeswith constant intake, dysbiosis occurshas little effect on parasitesthe liver is not cleared
Purification with activated carbonFor 7-14 days, tablets of the activated angle are taken daily, 3 times a day.coal absorbs everything, including the necessary vitamins, microelementsviolates the microflora – dysbiosis occursdoes not affect parasitesthe liver is poorly cleansed
Shank PrakshalanaThe yogic method: salted water of a certain concentration is drunk and certain exercises are carried outdifficult to perform in order to achieve a visible effectdoes not affect parasites
Urine therapyTake your own urine (urine) insidevery unpleasant procedurethe effectiveness and safety of this method is still debated.toxins and toxins excreted by the kidneys re-enter the bodynot only parasites can die, but also the person himself from self-poisoning

As you can see, all of the listed methods of cleansing the body are simple and affordable, but ineffective.

Scientists from Novosibirsk studied this problem and found a way out: to purify the body with phytopreparations (herbs) in a natural way, i.e. down up. Each herbal remedy contains several herbs that enhance and complement each other. A program has been compiled from several herbal remedies, which is adopted according to the already tested scheme.  

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