Body and scalp care for psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that manifests itself as changes in the epidermis. Accelerated cell division creates a moisture deficit, makes the skin dry and inelastic, the patient develops so-called plaques. Peeling, itching, inflammation are common companions of psoriasis. With improper hygiene, a secondary infection is possible. How to care for psoriasis and treat your skin, read the article below. 

How the skin changes with psoriatic lesions

Normally, the renewal of epidermal cells takes 3-4 weeks. With psoriasis, this period is reduced to 4-7 days. As a result, degradation occurs, and the skin loses its protective properties. She becomes vulnerable to minor injuries, prone to inflammation. The scaly plaques that form can be painful and itchy.

General principles of skin care for psoriasis are aimed at:

  • minimization of microtraumas;
  • reduction of irritation from chemical and mechanical influences;
  • additional food;
  • moisture retention.

Problematic areas do not need to be combed, because unnecessary trauma will only aggravate the inflammation. Rubbing of clothes should be avoided: choose wardrobe items made from natural soft fabrics, avoid tight fit.

Doctors do not recommend removing keratinized scales on their own. The best solution is to naturally exfoliate them as the skin regains its integrity.

Hygiene procedures for psoriasis

How to care for the skin in psoriasis, is it possible to swim in the acute stage of the disease – patients often ask. Frequent bathing procedures are not recommended: with prolonged exposure to water, the plaques become soaked and begin to disintegrate, which can cause their growth. The American Dermatological Association recommends no more than 5 minutes in the shower. Periodic bathing is permissible, but no longer than 15 minutes.

The temperature of the water is important: it should not be too hot or cold. The optimal range is 37-38 degrees.

Body care for psoriasis requires careful selection of detergents. Choose a soap or gel with a neutral pH and no fragrances. Alkaline cosmetics can cause additional irritation. It is also worth giving up scrubs and peels, which have a mechanical or chemical effect on the skin.

You should not choose cosmetics with active ingredients or a lot of essential oils. These components can become potential irritants and cause negative reactions.

After a shower, the skin does not need to be rubbed with a towel, it is necessary to gently blot it, avoiding microtraumas. Particular attention should be paid to areas of plaque formation.

To retain moisture on the surface, doctors recommend using emollients – special creams, lotions and balms that prevent skin dehydration. The selection of cosmetic products is made in each case individually.

A soft tan has a positive effect on the condition of the skin.

Hair products

Scalp care for psoriasis also involves carefulness. Shampoos are chosen with a neutral PH, mild action, aimed at preventing dandruff. Products with tar, salicylic acid and urea reduce itching, additionally moisturize the skin, and reduce flaking.  

Keratolytic shampoos and creams have been developed especially for patients with psoriasis . They help to gently remove scales from the skin. Staining can only be done with gentle compounds and in remission. Do not blow dry your hair with a hot air stream.

Cosmetics for skin care for psoriasis

  • Cosmetics based on salicylic acid have proven themselves well. They soften the integument and facilitate the separation of scales. The percentage of the asset is selected by the doctor. Not suitable for diabetic patients.
  • Lactic acid often acts as keratolytics , so you should pay attention to the preparations that contain it.
  • Preparations containing resins have a beneficial effect on the skin. Their action is based on the suppression of cell division. Cosmetics with pine, birch and coal tar resins are popular.
  • Creams and lotions containing vitamin D3 have a positive effect on the epidermis. It has a wound healing effect, inhibits cell growth.

The specific choice of care products often depends on the location of the rash and the intensity of its manifestation, therefore it is better to consult with your doctor.

General rules

Psoriasis care requires maximum attention to the skin. It is necessary to avoid contact with aggressive detergents, and not only household chemicals, but also soap and shampoo.

Special attention is paid to bed linen and clothing. Prefer work that does not involve wearing a rough uniform with additional fixing elements, interaction with chemicals. During home cleaning, it is necessary to additionally protect the skin, wear gloves.

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