Acupuncture for psoriasis: alternative therapeutic strategies

Psoriasis is a systemic chronic disease that requires constant therapy. The choice of the remedy is all the more important. The negative effect of drugs with constant use often becomes critical. That is why many patients pay attention to alternative strategies: physiotherapy, spa treatment, psychotherapy , acupuncture. 

Effectiveness of acupuncture

Acupuncture for psoriasis provides a sustainable positive trend. With a competent approach, the effectiveness of treatment ranges from 70 to 90%. The method compares favorably with drug therapy in the absence of side effects and sensitization. The impact is beneficial for the body as a whole.

The therapeutic effect of acupuncture

Many patients are intimidated by the potential damage to the skin, since in psoriasis, any cut or scratch is a trigger for the appearance of new rashes. Be aware that acupuncture needles are very thin. They are in sterile packaging and are intended for single use only. Such a point effect does not harm the skin and does not provoke the formation of new psoriatic foci. However, a prerequisite for success is the doctor’s experience: acupuncture can be harmful in inept hands.

As a result of an injection into special points on the body, complex biochemical reactions are triggered in the body. Substances that have an analgesic effect are released into the blood. Many patients report positive effects:

  • hyperemia decreases;
  • puffiness disappears;
  • itching decreases ;
  • resorption of infiltrates occurs;
  • the size of the plaques decreases;
  • peeling cover decreases.

Acupuncture for psoriasis is part of a comprehensive treatment that cannot completely exclude hormonal drugs. The method shows the maximum effectiveness at the stationary or regressing stages of the disease. During therapy, it is important to adhere to a diet and a healthy lifestyle, to avoid provoking factors.

People with psoriasis often suffer from depressive moods. Acupuncture improves psycho-emotional state, normalizes sleep, reduces irritability. The general positive effect on all systems of the body makes a person feel better and healthier.  

To get the maximum effect, it is necessary to carry out several courses of influence. An atmosphere of trust between doctor and patient is important. Acupuncture is not addictive and has no side effects.

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