Acne from Dufaston : causes of rashes and methods of treatment

Sometimes a health condition requires taking hormonal drugs. During the recovery of reproductive functions or at the planning stage of pregnancy, gynecologists prescribe medications containing progesterone. Increasing the level of this hormone in the blood helps to solve problems with conception and gestation, but at the same time it can affect the condition of the skin.

Duphaston : what kind of drug?

The main active ingredient of the agent is a synthetic progestogen dydrogesterone ), which selectively affects the state of the uterine mucosa. It ensures the onset of the growth phase of the endometrium in the last third of the menstrual cycle, which makes it more ready for the implantation of a fertilized egg.  

The beneficial effect of Duphaston on the uterine mucosa is also used to prevent pathological changes in it. In addition, the drug continues to be taken at the onset of pregnancy in the case of diagnosed progesterone deficiency, or with an unfavorable history that suggests this. Thus, doctors reduce the risk of spontaneous abortions in the early stages and solve the problem of miscarriage .

The indications for the appointment of Duphaston are:

  • Endometriosis;
  • Infertility due to a lack of lutein;
  • Threat of miscarriage or recurrent miscarriage ;
  • Severe forms of premenstrual syndrome;
  • Dysmenorrhea and irregular cycle;
  • Uterine bleeding due to hormonal failure.

Important! You can take the drug only as directed by a doctor after confirming the need. Also, it is dangerous to interrupt treatment on your own, as this increases the risk of deterioration and can lead to termination of pregnancy. 

Acne from Dufaston : causes

Progestogen is a plant analogue of human progesterone. Taking it in the form of a drug, with all the positive effects on reproductive health, has a bad effect on the condition of the skin.

This is because:

  • Changes in progesterone levels contribute to fluid retention in the intercellular space. Because of this, the removal of waste products from cells is disrupted. With severe swelling, the epidermis, for example, becomes dehydrated. The cells of the sebaceous glands also receive insufficient fluid, as a result of which the sebum becomes thicker. The pores expand and become clogged, and comedones form . 
  • Gestagens increase the productivity of the sebaceous glands , the skin becomes more oily. This is noticed by all women at the end of the menstrual cycle. With the artificial introduction of additional doses of the hormone, the tendency to seborrhea increases significantly. Owners of dry skin may not notice changes, but those who, since adolescence, are familiar with a shiny and rapidly becoming acne-covered face, are likely to notice a worsening of the situation. 
  • Reduced skin immunity , since Duphaston has an inhibitory effect on the body’s defense system. For this reason, in excess of the secretion of the sebaceous glands, pathogenic microorganisms multiply quickly and without hindrance, causing inflammation and pustules.

How else does it affect the skin?

Besides the appearance of acne, Duphaston has several other unpleasant side effects for appearance.


Hormonal changes caused by taking progesterone drugs lead to fluid retention in the body. It is natural for a woman’s body to retain water on days when the embryo is most likely to be implanted into the uterine lining. Evolution thus provides the necessary supply of water for the delivery of nutrients to the embryo through the thin chorionic villi. That is why, before the onset of menstruation, women often notice a weight gain of one to three kilograms. If the pregnancy does not take place, the excess will be removed immediately as soon as the titer of gestagens in the blood plasma decreases. In the case of taking Duphaston , the level of hormones remains high, which leads to swelling.

Dark spots

The drug is able to affect the cells of the epidermis, slightly disrupting their natural retinol content. As a result, they become more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, and age spots appear more often. Sunbathing and solarium are contraindicated for women during therapy.

Increased activity of the sebaceous glands

Progesterone enhances the functioning of the glands, including those responsible for maintaining the protective lipid film on the skin. This applies not only to the face. That is why many women who take Dufaston notice acne not only on the chin, forehead and cheeks, but also on the back and chest.

Will acne go away after canceling?

After you stop taking the drug, acne will go away, the question is when.

If the appointment of Duphaston was due to planning pregnancy, then the doctor will gradually cancel it by 25-28 weeks. At this time, the placenta will completely take over the function of producing progesterone. Thus, the level of the hormone as a whole will not decrease, which means that all the unpleasant consequences for the skin, such as clogged pores and an oily sheen, are likely to remain. Acne will quickly disappear after childbirth, when oxytocin, dopamine and prolactin will play the main role in a woman’s body.

In the case when the use of the drug is not associated with pregnancy, the withdrawal of the drug will lead to a gradual metabolization and excretion of excess from the body, restoring balance and improving the condition of the skin. Within a week, in the absence of other causes for acne, you can enjoy a smooth, clean face in the mirror.

Acne treatment

Acne of hormonal etiology disappears only after eliminating their cause – imbalance. In the case of Duphaston , drug withdrawal or childbirth will gradually lead to a decrease in progesterone and an improvement in skin condition. It is most likely that it will not be possible to completely cure the rash while taking the medicine. However, you can take a number of measures due to which unpleasant consequences will be minimized.

To prevent acne from spreading too much, you need to:

  • Revise your diet for a healthier diet. We’ll have to exclude fried, fatty, spicy, eat a minimum of fast carbohydrates. You will have to pay attention to the amount of salt. A low-salt diet will reduce swelling.
  • Drink at least one and a half liters of clean water per day. A sufficient amount of liquid, contrary to myths, helps fight edema and intoxication.
  • Gently cleanse the skin in the morning and in the evening from excess sebum. For this, gels and foams without soap, micellar water, enzyme powders are suitable . All these products dissolve fat well, without drying out the skin.
  • Prevent clogged pores by using a delicate exfoliation 2-3 times a week.
  • Take care of immunity, spend enough time in the fresh air, support the body with vitamins and trace elements.
  • In case of severe intolerance, replace the drug with a more gentle analogue, for example, Utrozhestan .


Acne from Duphaston is not only possible, but also very likely. A woman will face a difficult compromise between beauty and care for the health of herself and her unborn baby. Ultimately, it’s worth be patient. The purpose of the medication is much more important, and the negative side effects can be mitigated with skin care.

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